Welcome to Grapharma B.V.'s website, a pharmaceutical wholesaler with sites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Grapharma is an internationally operating medicine and medical devices company. We have now gained 30 years of experience in the purchase and sales of medical products for human use. We are proud of the fact that our activities contribute to the distribution of these essential materials for good healthcare, in Europe and beyond.

Grapharma has managed to do business with such a great deal of success for this long as a result of a number of values and qualities. One of these is the continuous search for sustainable trading contacts. This is also apparent from our long-term partnerships and customer relations. We are never tempted by the short-term, but strive for a good and profitable relationship both now and in the future.

It is of the utmost importance for parties to be able to count on each other in the international pharmaceutical product industry. This is why trust and reliability are very high on the list of priorities in the relationships with our customers and suppliers. Grapharma is in the centre of the international sector for medicine, medical aids and food supplements. We have an extensive network at our disposal, which includes virtually all medium sized and major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

We also have excellent contacts in place with producers of raw materials for medicine. Our customers are important wholesalers in Europe and beyond, plus the large parallel importers buy our products too. We are also experienced hospital and pharmacy suppliers. Our network allows us access to all possible medicines and medical devices. And our knowledge of the market means we can offer these at competitive prices. Plus our many years of experience enables us to supply products which are in great demand and difficult to get hold of. It's therefore certainly no surprise so many customers and suppliers manage to find us. Grapharma naturally has all the required licences in place for trading in all pharmaceutical goods.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in Grapharma. We could discuss our products, our international networks and what advantages these could result in for you.


Jan C. van de Graaf

Director Grapharma BV